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What skills are most vital for a given objective? Can I hire internally? How does this match to our training?

People Analytics Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

An Engine for Workforce Management

Start with our low friction high value solution, then continue deepening your utilization of FORE as you better understand the gaps and opportunities in your organization. With that, we’ve evolved our product offering to follow four tiers/phases along an evolution of services:


Expert Support Optimize your organization with consultation from FORE’s expert Advisory and adoption of our intervention Modules.


Internal Data Integration Enhance data integration for a custom AI Model only you can leverage, with all the data formatting handled by FORE.



Rapid Analytics
Utilize Workforce Management insights across the entire employee lifecycle to diagnose opportunities with precision.
Robust People Data Access a vast network of people data about your organization and competitors, structured for immediate analysis.

Salary &
Raise Assessment
vs Turnover

Fore Enterprise offers comprehensive Salary & Raise Assessment tools, allowing organizations to analyze turnover rates in relation to compensation levels and predict turnover sensitivity based on salary adjustments.

With Fore Enterprise’s advanced analytics capabilities, organizations can benchmark their turnover rates against competitors, gaining valuable insights to refine retention strategies and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Fore Enterprise’s intersectional analysis enables organizations to correlate turnover data with key employee segments, providing targeted insights into retention challenges and opportunities across various workforce demographics.

What skills are most vital for a given objective? Can I hire internally? How does this match to our training?

Hiring & Inflow Analysis

Fore Enterprise enables organizations to evaluate current sources and outcomes of their recruitment efforts, providing actionable insights to optimize talent acquisition strategies.

With Fore Enterprise advanced analytics, organizations can predict employee tenure and performance based on recruitment sources, facilitating strategic workforce planning and talent management.

Fore Enterprise allows organizations to compare inflow and results against competitors, offering valuable competitive intelligence to refine recruitment strategies and maintain market leadership.

By analyzing key employee segments intersected with recruitment data, Fore Enterprise provides tailored insights for targeted talent acquisition and retention strategies, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives.

Tenure by Low Experience Hires

Employee Lifecycle Analysis

Identify turnover risks at every stage of the employee lifecycle, from hiring to turnover. Tailoring retention strategies to address specific pain points within each segment of the workforce enhances effectiveness and ensures a more attentive approach to employee needs, resulting in impactful retention strategies.

Onboarding Stage Analysis

Optimized Onboarding Practices

Retention starts as soon as employees say “Yes!”. Understand how each step of onboarding impacts tenure outcomes.
Onboarding lasts beyond the first 30, even 90 days, how about a full year!

Through comprehensive data analysis, Fore Enterprise identifies discrepancies between the educational and work backgrounds of hiring managers and the skill sets of hired candidates, facilitating better alignment and informed decision-making in recruitment efforts.

Training reviews & Implementation

In 50% of locations, a 10% increase in training would cause a 9% decrease in wait times and a 5% increase in revenue per location.

Certain locations should be targeted with increased training, and certain ones are already too productive or unproductive to benefit substantially from increased training.

Improving training and productivity can also prevent key employees in low-headcount stores from disrupting operations and affecting revenue.

Burnout Risk Assessment

Employees with high schedule variability are experiencing high burnout.
Employees on teams with high time-to-hire are experiencing high burnout.
Burnout risk varies significantly between roles.

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