About FORE

People Strategy is Strategy. FORE is for the leaders who recognize that Workforce Management is a valuable way to improve your organization and gain a competitive edge. To do so, FORE empowers People Leaders with robust workforce data to lead better decisions for their staff and their organizations. Demonstrate to key stakeholders exactly where in your organization there are gaps, explain why this is happening with objective data, and guide decisions that relate directly to critical bottom line metrics.

We see FORE as a win-win for leaders and employees alike. Guided by the insights we generate, leaders can build a thriving, engaging organization where staff are supported and motivated to perform and achieve their goals.

The FORE Team

Tyler Hochman

Founder & CEO

Nick Steele


Jack Schoenfeld

Head of Product & Growth

Marcus Osti

Head of Operations

Mac Broido

Head of Engineering

Qiyu Long

Data Engineer

Kerry Zhu

Software Engineer, Web Development